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The Ultimate Tool For Everyone Requiring Drums

The ultimate tool for everyone requiring drums!

This unique and deeply sampled drumkit for Native Instrument's free Kontakt 6 Player offers 122 GB (NCW) of samples across 35 individual mic positions, 4 snares, 2 individual Samsun cymbal sets, separate left and right kick drums and much much more.

Recorded in the paradisal halls of Karma Sound Studios in Bang Sare, Thailand.

Powered by the brand-new and innovative MIDI machine - Making Grooves On The Fly

IGUANA - Karma Edition
IGUANA - Karma Edition

IGUANA - Karma Edition

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IGUANA - Karma Edition


Kontakt 6 Player Library


  • 120 GB 48Khz/24Bit NCW (350GB uncompressed)
  • Separate left / right hand samples
  • 7 bass drum variations (separate left / right)
  • 4 snares, 4 toms, 4 hi-hats (4 zones, separate edge / tip)
  • 4-zone ride, 10 crashes, 2 chinas, 2 splashes, 2 cowbells
  • 27 single microphone positions
  • 8 balanced submixes
  • 2 room, 2 overhead options
  • Graphical full parametric EQ per channel
  • 16 FX Bus Slots (Comp, EQ, Tape Saturation, Reverb)
  • 2 separate submix channels
  • Individual Channel Routing Options
  • 4 AUX sends to IR section
  • Purge option for Each Channel
  • Customizable key mapping
  • Advanced MIDI Translation Matrix
  • Advanced MIDI Machine
  • Hi-Hat CC Control


7 Bassdrum Variations (separate Left / Right)


4 Snares, 4 Toms, 4 Hi Hats (4 Zones, (separate Edge / Tip)

Ride (4-Zones), 10 Crashes, 2 Chinas, 2 Splashes, 2 Cowbells

Separate left- / righthand samples for Snare, Toms and HiHat (main)

True stop-sounds for all cymbals, chinas and splashes



35 Microphonepositions 


2 Room, 2 Overhead Options


Graphical full parametric EQ per Channel


16 FX Bus Slots (Comp, EQ, Tape Saturation, Reverb)


2 separate Submix Channels


Individual routing options


4 AUX send to IR-Section 


Purge option for each Channel



MIDI translation - remap any note to any note

HiHat CC Control

MIDI Machine Groove Generator

Various Presets (Snapshots) ready to go


RAW Audio of IGUANA - Karma Edition (drumtracks only)


Random Jam using the bulid in MIDI-Machine


Full Songs (no vocals) 


Watch this short demonstration of the IGUANA - Karma Edition, featuring various songs produced with this magnificent tool.

(Produced with V 1.0 - UI may vary)

The young company Deadline Entertainment had a drum set built by Cube Personal Drums according to their very specific sound ideas and sampled it in extreme detail.

Read the full Review of Professional Audio Magazine:


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