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Karma Edition


No more tedious humanizing, this comprehensive set of sounds has all the essentials in maximum depth for you to get your perfect drum-tracks. Enjoy the authentic output that these samples provide and start creating breathtaking drumbeats today!


Deadline Entertainment

Deadline Entertainment is an innovative music production company that specializes in creating virtual instruments delivering ground-breaking results. Our team of sound-engineers, producers, and composers have been creating virtual instruments for decades, gathering the experience and knowledge to deliver accurately sampled, naturally balanced sample-libraries.

A custom designed workflow allows us to capture isolated samples out of real performances, delivering instruments with a never bevore heard real-feel, avoiding any machine gun effect, without the use of artificial humanising algorithms.

Whether you’re an aspiring professional or just starting out, our custom performance-engine manages all necessary configurations, so the only thing our users have to do is playing. Dive into a new experience of drum-programming. 

We strive to remain ahead of the curve, developing and advancing our technology, so that our tools can give you the ability to push your creative boundaries.

At Deadline Entertainment, we believe that creativity should be encouraged and celebrated, and we strive to provide our users with an easy way to achieve their musical goals.



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